About Miðeind

Miðeind develops Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence technology for the Icelandic language.


Miðeind is a privately owned startup company based in Reykjavík, Iceland, specializing in Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence applications for the Icelandic language.

The company’s most visible NLP product to date is Embla, a voice-based assistant app for smartphones that answers a wide range of questions in natural language. Embla is built on Greynir, Miðeind’s core technology stack. Greynir includes a tokenizer and a fast deep constituency parser, guided by a wide-coverage context-free grammar for Icelandic.

Miðeind is working on a spelling and grammar checker for Icelandic text that uses the deep parser, among other methods, to provide much more detailed linguistic advice than has been possible to date.

Miðeind is also working on machine translation to and from Icelandic based on state-of-the-art deep neural network technology.

The company aims to implement AI-based services for Icelandic, including text summarization and more powerful question answering.

All software developed by Miðeind is open source and freely available on GitHub under GNU GPLv3 or MIT licenses. Use of the software under a different license is negotiable.

Miðeind is a member of SÍM, a consortium of Icelandic universities, institutions and companies charged with implementing a 5-year NLP plan for the Icelandic language, supported by government funding.

Miðeind currently has a staff of six experts in various NLP-related fields. Its founder and owner, Vilhjálmur Þorsteinsson, is a veteran software designer and entrepreneur in the IT industry.

The name Miðeind is the Icelandic word for meson, a category of the fundamental particles of nature.

Miðeind can be contacted at the following email address: mideind@mideind.is

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